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You wouldn't put diesel fuel in a sports car, so why put the wrong foods in your body?

Meet Edin! 


My Name is Edin Sehovic. I am a Sports Nutritionist and Fitness Coach. I completed my Bachelor of Applied Sciences at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, as well as completing my Post Graduate Specialization in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Additionally, I am certified by CanFitPro as a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. I have since lived and worked as a Nutritionist in Toronto- Canada, Ontario (Canada), Barcelona- Spain, and I am currently stationed in Vancouver- British Columbia (Canada). I have a passion for Food, Fitness, and sustainability in the environment! My greatest fulfillment in life comes from supporting my clients/friends in reaching their goals while living a healthier lifestyle through Evidence-based nutrition counseling and fitness Interventions. Leave all the opinions aside, with years of experience, and scientific research, lets crush those goals

Recipes & Tips 


Stuck making the same, boring food every night? Want to change it up? Here are some examples of fun and healthy dishes to enjoy at home with some helpful tips to make eating clean easier and more fun!

Individual & Group Nutrition Counselling & Customized Workouts


Book a session for individual or group nutrition counselling and education sessions, or simply select the custom workout plan option for a fully customizable routine to fit your goals and needs!

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My Story


I am Edin Sehovic, and I am a Nutritionist with a degree in Nutrition and Food from Ryerson University in Toronto, and a Post-Graduate specialization in Sport Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. I have always been an active, athletic individual, playing competitive tennis growing up. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and it forced me to learn how to count carbohydrates and unlocked a new-found appreciation for food and all of its profound effects on the body! Getting into Nutrition was a no-brainer for me as I was so involved in Sport and it was clear that proper Nutrition was what separated a good performance in training/competition from a GREAT performance! I've worked with Professional athletes, competitive athletes, recreational athletes and the general population spanning a variety of sports including; Physique, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Athletics, Volleyball, and more! 

My goal is to help educate people on how you can improve your life using the most important tools provided for you, exercise, and the foods you eat! Whether you're looking to improve performance for sport, gain/lose weight, prevent disease, or just want to feel better with more energy, there is an option for you! You'll get either one-on-one sessions with me or programming and gain knowledge about the science-based methods to help improve your life and reach your goals! Unlike many Instagram Models and nutrition "gurus" providing their biases, together we will find you the healthiest evidence-based alternatives to your current favorites and the best possible dietary patterns to suit your lifestyle and reach your goals, proven by science!  I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals to finding a better you!