3 Ways to Master Breakfast With 1 Main Ingredient and Less than 10 Min!

There is a special saying that goes along with the breakfast, which goes like this: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." In fact, the literature goes so far as to say that there is an inverse relationship between eating breakfast regularly and the presence of obesity in adolescents and young adults. This means that by consuming breakfast, we have a better chance of reducing the future risk of obesity.

But how then, do we find a way to perfect the craft of breakfast? How can we find something quick, tasty, and easy to make ? What if our kitchen doesn't have a lot of space, or what if we don't possess the ability to cook in our space, but want to still consume something that's not a sugary cereal? The answer is easier than you think, here's what you'll need:

As you can see above, the answer to your breakfast woes, is Avocado Toast! All it requires at its simplest form, is a toaster. The beautiful thing about avocado toast is you can dress it up and down for any occasion and if executed correctly, can be extremely tasty. Here's how you're going to make avocado toast taste amazing 10 times out of 10.

Introducing the main ingredient, weighing in at 282g, usually hailing from Mexico...

THE AVOCADO!! Of course for avocado toast, you need avocado, here is the rest of the round-up :

- a rype avocado (the more rype it is, the easier it spreads)

- chilli flakes

- Trader Joe's "Everything but the Bagel Sesame "seasoning (for all my canadian friends, you can remember to get this next time you're in the U.S.A and you pass TJ's)

- Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (completely optional)

The First way you can dress your Avocado toast is the Plain Jane Method


We call this, the Plain Jane: Avocado Toast seasoned with chilli flakes, and everything bagel seasoning

This is the way you want to be making your avocado toast if you are in a real big rush, have limited access to kitchen tools and utensils, or are plain old cheap and don't want to get extravagant with it.

The next way we call the Greek Freak


We call this, the Greek Freak: avocado toast seasoned with: Chilli flakes, everything bagel seasoning, tomato and a sprinkle of feta (not captured here)

By adding tomatos (either cherry/grape, Roma, or any kind for that matter), and a sprinkle of feta, with the same chilli flake and everything bagel seasoning, we get the masterpiece (note: not the same recipe that made Giannis Antetekoumpo). The Greak Freek is for those that are craving a very light, and refreshing breakfast without leaving their home to fly all the way to the mediterranean.The Greek Freak is a great financial decision if you ask me!

Lastly, we have the breakfast for the individual who has a bit more time and resources, and wants to make sure that they won't feel the need to eat for a few hours.** Just a note, this is the only option that is not vegan friendly** The Last form of avocado toast is called High Eggspectations!

High Eggspectations

We call this, High Eggspectations: Avocado toast topped with en egg, either hardboiled or fried, and seasoned with everything bagel seasoning, chilli flakes and pepper/salt (if desired)

High eggspectations is not for the weak spirits. Its a serving of egg (prepared in any way: fried, hardboiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambled- doesn't matter!) on avocado toast that would fill any meer mortal stomach, and can be made with either fried eggs or hardboiled eggs for best effect. Top it all off as usual with the everything bagel seasoning and some chilli flakes and you have yourself a grand time eating breakfast in under 10 minutes!

In all seriousness, the cost of all these ingredients go for about $2-3 dollars depending on your area and the cost of fresh produce and considering at most, all you need is a toaster and a pot or pan.. you're set for a lot of different ways to enjoy a basic classic. With the same flavour of a fancy restaurant, but the price tag of a fast food breakfast sandwich, breakfast has just broken the system!

If you enjoy what you see, please feel free to comment below/ on social and mention what you'd like to see next, and if you're having any issues with your nutrition so I can try to help you become a better you!

As always, the article referenced above, is found at the link below! Enjoy!

- Ed



I'd like to give a special shout-out to my S.O for inspiring this one, and also providing the avocado! You're the best! <3

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