Are Instagram/ Pinterest Recipes REALLY that easy to make? Are they any good? CHALLENGE

Do you ever scroll through your discover page on instagram and see a recipe you think looks really good, so you think to yourself, " I wanna try to make that!" Most of the time if you stop to smell the roses, and actually get to read what it says in the description, they include descriptive words such as, "easy" "quick" "fool-proof" "healthy" to describe this 'Revolutionary' recipe of theirs. If you're like me, you follow a lot of these pages and therefore subscribe to the notion of cooking for yourself for a variety of reasons. I think what these types of social media pages offer, is a chance for people who otherwise think they don't have time, or don't possess the necessary skills in the kitchen to pull off impressive/creative dishes to actually make great meals and enjoy themselves in the kitchen. I really believe that cooking is easy, when given the right information and can be used as a medium to express oneself. That being said, finding a page that claims a recipe is easy or quick i find is often misleading. So I am taking the time, to try and challenge myself to make some recipes from instagram. Along the way i'll try to document my experiences. In doing so, I will challenge myself to try and shop for, and make the dishes with having only looked at the post a maximum of 2 (two) times. That way it can be argued that the recipe or directions were presented in such a fashion that it was in fact, "easy to follow." I will be uploading my experiences as I go on my instagram page (@edinsehovicnutrition) and will create a review-style blog post in the future about this, so keep your eyes open for my next post. Tell me, what are your thoughts on social media so called "easy recipes." Have you tried any? If so, let me know your favourites and maybe i'll try to make one in the future and review the process!

Have a Great Day!


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