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Updated: Nov 12, 2018


My name is Edin Sehovic, and this is my blog! I am a 23 year old Nutritionist, Fitness Coach, Tennis Coach, Diabetic, Tennis player, and Entrepreneur. That gives you a rough idea of my hobbies and interests, but professionally, I have fallen in love with Nutrition! I guess you could say this passion stemmed from my constant interest in performing at my peak in sport, or from my constant requirement to carb-count and dietary restrictions. I think my true passion for nutrition came when I found that there was a direct correlation between on- court performance and what you fueled your body with, and when you did it. My connection to sport is what sparked my love with nutrition, however having diabetes definitely helped solidify my commitment to the profession, as this was a way to both practice what I preach, learning first-hand, while also providing me with an opportunity to give back! I received a Bachelors degree in Applied Sciences in Nutrition and Food from Ryerson university in Toronto, ON, Canada. I have since devoted my time to constantly researching and providing evidence-based nutrition counselling on sport nutrition, disease management and prevention, elimination diets, and overall wellness. My interests in food don't stop with only the science! I am also keen on providing environmentally friendly, healthy, and tasty alternatives to household favourites in order to make dieting easier and fun while using it as a means of creative outlet. I will be utilizing this blog to bring you some of my favourites! Hopefully, you can enjoy my free tips and recipes, try them out for yourself and your loved ones! Most importantly, let me know how you like them and stay connected via Instagram @Edinsehovicnutrition, Twitter @edinsehovicc! Enjoy, and talk soon!

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