Updated: Nov 14, 2018

It's November, and that means I'm leaving a gross looking caterpillar to raise money and awareness for Men's Health! This year, I'm raising money for the guys that "Tough it out," who go through the motions everyday pretending they're okay... until everyone around them finds out, they weren't. I want to help reduce the Global male suicide rate, and that starts with understanding there is a problem. I've teamed up with Movember Canada to give me an additional platform online to try and gain a wider reach! Make sure you're asking your man, how he's doing, constantly checking in and providing a safe-space for him to communicate, listen, and care for your man. If you have a moment of your time to share, or donate please do. And thank you for helping me stop Men from dying far too young!

I am currently growing my Mo(ustache), but will make sure to update near the end of the month to show you what I come up with! Check back regularly here, or on Instagram @edinsehovicnutrition for updates!

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