Benefits of Low-Calorie Alternatives?

I get asked constantly why I don't just "eat clean" when I'm trying to cut calories/get leaner. Simple answer- why should I ? If I have a craving for chocolate, want to consume it, and am ABLE TO fit it into my regular routine, why stop myself from enjoying my process? Oh right, because our system is broken, we've developed a narrative where there is only one way to lose weight -- salads with bland chicken and soggy rice. We prioritize bro-science over real science. Let's remove the science (😅) from this recipe, and use a tool I have in my arsenal to create such a filling, super sweet treat that doesn't counteract all the hard work I'm doing to keep my body healthy, and fit. We'll call it anabolic cookie dough 💪🏼.

361 kcal. 30g Carbs. 36g Protein. 11g Fats. Enough for 2 humans to share. No cutting corners. No skipping out on the foods you're craving. No wasting your time with dishes/extravagant desserts. We're talking chocolate chips. We're talking peanut butter. This is for all my people who love that feeling of being so full you can't move, but without consuming a crazy amount of calories. So if you like being full, but want to limit the number of calories you're consuming, all while taking less than 10 minutes of your life (that you will never get back by the way)- this one is for you. BONUS- It's a great, easy way to get an extra bit of protein in! 😉 Disclaimer that this is the greatest recipe ever created. We want to ensure this stays our little secret 🤫 so don't tell your friends. The last thing we want is for everyone to look shredded while eating the foods they like, right?


  • 1 scoop Protein Powder (I've used vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter all great)

  • 15g peanut butter

  • 15g microwaved all-purpose flour (30 seconds)

  • 10g almond flour

  • 5g coconut flour

  • 15g sugar-free maple syrup (works with regular but adds calories)

  • 35g cashew(/almond/oat/regular) milk--

  • OPTIONAL: chocolate chips


  1. Grab your food scale ( if you don't own one.. invest in one... please! They're the greatest way of improving your portion control and just make baking/cooking with exact quantities way easier than cups and measuring spoons)

  2. Put your all-purpose flour in a microwave-safe bowl, microwave on high for 30 seconds

  3. Once removed, tare your scale and all the dry ingredients

  4. Stir until you arrive at a thick, smooth consistency

  5. Add 10-15g chocolate chips if desired (Nutrient Label accounts for 10g of chocolate chips). ENJOY 😉 😊

  6. Don't Tell Anybody!! 🤫 But if you do.... tag me @EvidenceNutrition on Socials 😉

ps... this story got 22+ responses in less than 24 hours... 😳 so I had to get it up in double time!

p.p.s I actually don't have any real photos of the final product, since I am very forgetful. Hope you're able to enjoy this one, I'll upload better images at a later date ♥️!

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